About Me

What sets me Apart


doctorFor many patients, being told by their PCP that they need to see a heart doctor, is a very concerning and, at times, a frightening, moment. They are told their “EKG is abnormal” or “ I am worried that your feeling short of breath is due to your heart,” or “with your family history, we need to make sure your heart is OK.” Almost without knowing, the patient starts to fear the worst.

In my practice, I make it a priority to make sure every patient’s question is answered and concerns are addressed. I pledge to all my patients to take all the time we need to get to the bottom of the problem, effectively communicating at every step of the way.

As an advanced interventionalist. I am able to perform procedures in a minimally invasive manner, the majority of the time, entering the body through a small incision of the wrist. From this approach, I can fix problems, not only in the heart, but also in the legs. In this case, the patient is up and walking within several hours after the procedure, usually being able to return home the same day.

In my 10 years as a cardiologist, I have worked at over 20 hospitals, both in the United States and Canada. I have trained under and worked along with leaders in the fields of both coronary disease and advanced peripheral artery disease. I am board certified in 9 areas of cardiology, including nuclear medicine, echocardiography, interventional cardiology, vascular and endovascular medicine. My skills include fixing not only plaques in the heart, but also those in the neck (carotid arteries), abdomen (aorta, renal arteries, intestinal arteries), and the legs. I have spared many patients from having to proceed to surgery, when they were told by other cardiologists, that there was “no other way.”

I am a firm believer that when you love what you do, it shows in your work. I truly love cardiology; there is no greater sense of accomplishment for me than to see a patient walk again without pain in their chest or cramps in their legs. I recently opened up the arteries of a 92 year old man who had not walked in years due to the lack of blood flow in his legs. The same day of the procedure, the nurses struggled to have the man return to his hospital room, since he wanted to walk around the grounds of the hospital, the 1st time in years he had done so.

What sets me apart is not only the superb skill set, and the comprehensive list of procedures and the world-renown training programs, but the passion I have for my career and for the care of my patients.